Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Catering

Our aim is simple: great tasting, Neapolitan style pizzas, cooked in our wood fired oven in front of your guests.

Add a touch of vintage to your party! Why not hire Hettie our 1974 Citroen HY pizza van? Hettie, the little French pizza van brings fun and shabby chic to your wedding celebrations, birthday party or corporate events.


We use fresh, quality ingredients to create delicious tasting pizzas.


Pizza is fun. Our handmade pizzas are prepared and cooked in front of your guests, in our wood fired pizza oven. Enjoy the theatre and savour the aromas, as your pizza cooks in 90 seconds!


What We Do

At Artisan Pizza Company we offer a relaxed and chilled catering service. We'll help you create a menu that's right for you.

Weddings, Parties and Corporate Events are our thing.

We want to make planning your party a stress free, enjoyable experience, giving you peace of mind up to and during your celebration.

Contact the team to see what we can do for you.



  • Weddings
  • Engagement Parties
  • Celebrations
  • Birthdays
  • Team Building Events
  • Corporate Events



Bookings 2016
23rd January
Birthday Party, Sheffield
Unavailable 9th April to 25th April
30th April
Katherine & Guy's birthday party, Sheffield
1st May
Sophia's 1st birthday party, West Yorkshire
6th May
Rhiannon & Andy's wedding, North Yorkshire
7th May
Charlotte & Fraser's wedding, Smallshaw Farm, South Yorkshire
13th May
Jules & Alan's wedding, East Yorkshire
14th May
Sam & Tom's wedding, Shropshire
15th May
Caroline & Josh's wedding, North Yorkshire
21st May
Christening, West Yorkshire
28th May
Kelly & Aaron's wedding, North Yorkshire
1st June
Corporate Event, Huddersfield
3rd June
Laila's 13th birthday party, West Yorkshire
4th June
Heather & Tom's wedding, Sheffield
5th June
Hettie & Gerred's post wedding party, Derbyshire
7th June
Corporate Event, Harrogate
11th June
Katie & Ryan's wedding, Leicestershire
12th June
Corporate celebration, East Yorkshire
18th June
Karen & David's wedding, North Lincolnshire
19th June
Lauren and Will's party, Derbyshire
24th June
Corporate event, Edale
25th June
Ben & Steph's wedding, Richmond, North Yorkshire
2nd July
Dan & Emma's wedding, Derby
3rd July
Tilly's christening, West Yorkshire
9th July
Rachel & Doug's wedding, Nottinghamshire
15th July
Laura & Will's wedding, York
16th July
Louise & Richard's wedding, Milton Keynes
23rd July
Ben & Lauren's wedding, Rise Hall, East Yorkshire
30th July
Sarah & Frank's wedding, Cheshire
5th August
50th Birthday, Derbyshire
6th August
Lorna & Jon's wedding, Derbyshire
Unavailable 12th August to 14th August
20th August
Mandy & Kieran's wedding, Smallshaw Farm, South Yorkshire
21st August
Corporate event, Chester
27th August
Jack & Natalie's wedding, Huddersfield
28th August
Summer Party, Gomersal
2nd September
Graham & Bridget's wedding, South Yorkshire
3rd September
Kate & Ryan's wedding, Sheffield
4th September
40th Birthday, Staffordshire
10th September
Neil & Tori's wedding, North Yorkshire
17th September
Emma & Alex's wedding, East Yorkshire
24th September
Rachael & Rich's wedding, East Yorkshire
1st October
Jess & Paul's wedding, Derbyshire
Unavailable 7th October to 9th October
15th October
Rachael & Phil's wedding, North Yorkshire
Unavailable 29th October to 23rd November
Unavailable 2nd December to 4th December
10th December
Lisa & Hannah's wedding, Chesterfield

Bookings 2017
Unavailable 14th January to 6th February
29th April
Sarah & James' wedding, Harrogate
30th April
Lou & Pete's wedding, Yorkshire Wolds
12th May
April & Sam's wedding, North Yorkshire
20th May
Colleen & Andrew's wedding, Cheshire
27th May
Carrie & Bevan's wedding, North Yorkshire
28th May
Lucy & Jonathan's wedding, Yorkshire Wolds
3rd June
Jessica & Aarron's wedding, Staffordshire
10th June
Emma & Rik's wedding, South Yorkshire
17th June
Jess & David's wedding, North Yorkshire
24th June
Dominic & Ruby's wedding, Nottinghamshire
1st July
Dan & Anna's wedding, Derbyshire
8th July
Lucinda & Daniel's wedding, East Yorkshire
15th July
Carl & Hannah's wedding, Nottinghamshire
22nd July
Emily & Steve's wedding, Derbyshire
29th July
Rachel & Martin's wedding, North Yorkshire
5th August
Carla & Jamie's wedding, York
12th August
Charlie & James' wedding, Lincolnshire
19th August
Fi & Mark's wedding, York
26th August
Tina & Jamie's wedding, Cheshire
2nd September
Sarah & Mark's wedding, Rise Hall, East Yorkshire
9th September
Laura & David's wedding, Yorkshire Wolds
15th September
Rachel & Jack's wedding, Northamptonshire


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